Candy Heart Science

We did an experiment with candy hearts. What happens when we put  candy hearts with salt water? First the hearts were wet. Next it looked like there were  snow on the ground.  Then it changed color. Finally there was a color on top of a heart.I wonder how it changed to snowy to brawn.

I am from poem

Where I’m From

I am from Mario. From Wii, guitar, and other video games like Luigi and Minecraft.

I am from the smell of chocolate chip cookie baking in the oven. From brownies baking in the oven and hot cocoa cooling down too.

I am from fresh eggs in the morning and pizza.

I am from getting money at Grandma’s instead of getting candy from Easter.

I am from “Chop! Chop! Chop!”

I am from I Spy books.

I am from playing a spying game in my house, it’s really fun.

I am from Boscawen.